About Santa Cruz


During the last decade of the 16th century, Santa Cruz, the premier town of Laguna was once a well populated barrio of the present municipality of Lumban, as well as other contemporary towns like Pagsanjan, Cavinti, Paete and Pangil. In 1602, Santa Cruz separated from Lumban and became a pueblo with its church and local government.


It is a town which since its foundation in 1602, had been ravaged by calamitous forces such as fires, typhoons, floods and human vandalism during the Philippine Revolution of 1896-1899, the war of the Philippine Independence (1899-1902), the assault of the Tulisanes (bandits) during the Spanish times, and the Guerilla (January 26,1945). Santa Cruz survived all these disastrous calamities, for it is patiently resilient as the durable bamboos and as in destructive as the Rock of all Ages.

Characterized by fertile flat lands situated along the coastal plains of Laguna de Bay, the economic base of the town had been traditionally anchored on two primary industries, namely agriculture and fishing which still remain up to the present. In view of the strategic location of Santa Cruz relative to the other coastal settlements about the lake, trading activities have likewise rooted on the town during those early settlement days. The town proper which has always been the focal point of activities used to be accessible to the other lakeshore areas due to the navigable Santa Cruz River aside from the Laguna Lake itself. Since those early days, water is the principal mode of transportation.



Santa Cruz, being the capital town of Laguna, envisions to be a premier Municipality in the province for education, trade and commerce, agriculture, health and wellness, information and technology and a true home for self-reliant and God-loving people, in a planned, safe, and well balanced environment under a transparent, able and righteous leadership.


Moving forward toward our vision, we shall remain steadfast and dedicated public servants to attain social and economic growth without compromising human and ecological integrity.



  • Santa Cruz Kaya Natin Movement is long term Movement that aims to reclaim the one apprehended title given to Santa Cruz being the Queen Municipality of Laguna and the heartland of CALABARZON. It raises the appreciation of everyone in different fields, arts, tourism, culture and arts, environment, commerce, health and education.

  • This award is the highest award given to any LGU that shows exemplary performance in the fields of environmet, health and education, business, youth development, disaster preparedness etc.

  • An award given to any municipality that shows exemplary programs inclined in child development, protection and care. It was received by Mayor Edgar S. San Luis this year through the effort of the Municipal Social Welfare and Development.

  • 4. PASKUHAN 2019

  • The first ever month long Christmas festivity was held last December 2019. It was a celebration of Pinoy Christmas spirit. Uplifting the true Filipino culture.It was filled with different contests targeting the different sectors most especially the Youth sector. It was a symbolic celebration of unity and camaraderie to all.